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  • Mood: High
  • Listening to: since i've been loving you--Led Zepp
  • Reading: Le chat Noir -- Edgar Allan Poe
  • Watching: THIS SCREAN
  • Playing: with my mouth
  • Eating: aghhh
  • Drinking: Nothing Yet

[x] You drink a lot of tea. (if Its Iced Tea,Does It Count?)
[ ] You know what a brolly is.
[ ] Deal or No Deal has taken over your life.
[ ] You wanted Ben to win X Factor.
[]You use the word "bugger" or the phrase "bloody hell."
[] Fish and Chips are yummy. *-*
[ ] You can eat a Full English Breakfast.
[x] you have been called emo [Only once]
[] Its football...not soccer.
Total: 2

[ ] You wear flip flops all year.
[x] You call flipflops thongs not flip flops.
[ ] You love a backyard barbie.
[ ] You know a barbie is not a doll.
[x] You love the beach.
[x] Sometimes you swear without realizing.
[ ] You're a sports fanatic. [x_x]
[ ] You are tanned.
[ ] You're a bit of a bogan.
[ ] You have an Australian something
Total: 3

[ ] The Sopranos is a great show.
[x] Your last name ends in a vowel.
[x] Your grandmother makes her own sauces.
[x] You know how a real meatball tastes.
[x] You know Italian songs.
[ ] You have dark hair and dark eye color.[only dark hair..]
[ ] You speak some Italian. [sad but true]
[x] You are under 5'10' [HAHA... yeah¬¬]
[ ] You know what a Italian horn is
[x] Pizza/spaghetti is the best food in the world!!!
[x] You talk with your hands.
Total: 7

[ ] You say member instead of Remember.
[ ] You speak spanish or some.
[X] You like tacos. [fo' suuuuuuure :D]
[x] YoU TyPe lIkE ThIs On Da CoMpUtEr.
[ ] You are dark skinned.
[ ] You know what a Puta is.
[x] You talk fast occasionally.
[x] You have had highlights or have dyed your hair.[Yeah i'm a red head now :P]
[ ] You know what platanos are.
Total: 4

[ ] You say villian as: Vee-lon.
[x] You get short tempered.
[x] You know of somebody named Natasha.
[x] You get cold easily.
[x] Rain is fun for you.
[ ] You get into contests all the time.
[ ] You can easily make do with the cold weather.
Total: 4

[ ] You think beer is the best.
[x] You have a bad temper.
[ ] Your last name starts with a Mc, Murph, O', Fitz or ends with a ley, on, un, an, in, ry, ly, y.
[x] You have blue or green eyes.
[x] You like the color green. [NO! i LOOVE IT xD]
[ ] You have been to a St. Pattys day party.
[ ] You have a family member from Ireland.
[ ] You have blonde hair.
[x] You have/had freckles.
[x] You family get togethers always include drinking and singing. [aaaaallways!]
Total: 5

African American
[x] You say nigga/nukka casually.
[ ] You have nappy hair.
[x] You like rap.
[x] You know how to shoot a gun.
[x] You think President George Walker Bush is racist.
[x] You like chicken.
[x] You like watermelon.
[x] You can dance. [ well probably, who does not?]
[ ] You can 'sing' gospel
Total: 7

[ ] You have slanty/small eyes.
[x] You like rice a lot.
[ ] You are good at math.
[ ] You have played the piano.
[ ] You have family from Asia.
[x] You laugh sometimes covering your mouth.
[ ] Most people think you're Chinese.
[ ] You call hurricanes typhoons.
[ ] You go to Baulko.
Total: 2

[x] You like bread.
[x] You think German Chocolate is good.
[ ] You Speak some German.
[ ] You know what Schnitzel is.
[ ] You hate it when stupid people call you a Nazi
[ ] You went to Pre-school.
[ ] You're over 5'2 [dang!¬¬]
Total: 2

[x] You like/play/played hockey.
[ ] You love beer.
[ ] You say eh.
[x] You know what poutine is. [Hell yeah ! :D]
[x] You speak some French.
[x] You love Tim Horton's.
[x] At one point you lived in a farm house.[ well, mes voisin en ont une]
[ ] You watch/watched degrassi
Total: 5

[ ] You hate foreigners.
[ ] You hate non - Christians.
[x] You're lazy.
[ ] You are not cultured.
[ ] You hate abortion.
[ ] But love the death penalty.
[ ] You don't read.
[ ] You shop at Wal-Mart.
[ ] You think this survey is rather biased.
Total: 1

[ ] You know what Wawel is[eummm nop what is it??]
[x] You like jokes about other countries and about your authorities
[x] You are stubborn like mule
[ ] You claim that vodka is Polish not Russian
[ ] You KNOW that Polish girls are the most beautiful.
[ ] For you Chicago is the biggest Polish city
[x] You swear too often
Total: 2

first i'm italian?? second afro amiricano ??
je comprend définitivement pu rien XD


Artist | Student | Traditional Art
presente?... des fois :D

Current Residence: quebec
Favourite genre of music: i like everything !
MP3 player of choice: Ipod probably
Skin of choice: heu.. white?
Favourite cartoon character: jack nightmare

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Hi Mireille,
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Happy Birthday!
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Bonjour Mireille!
Tu as déjà commenté ma galerie, alors j'ai pensé pouvoir te demander un petit service. Si tu as un compte youtube ou gmail, pourrais-tu te connecter et cliquer "j'aime" sur cette vidéo : [link] ?

Avec un ami, je participe à un concours d'interprétation musicale et on a besoin du plus de "j'aime" possible!
Merci de ton temps et bonne journée! :)
pirp Featured By Owner May 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy Birthday Mireille !
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wow! thank you sooo much! :)
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